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Three Six Mafia
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in Mark's LiveJournal:

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
12:02 am
I really wish i got to say goodbye...
Well, i guess i haven't really posted a live journal in forever, probably because no one reads this stuff anymore... oh well, here it goes:

I've always heard the phrase "life isn't fair" i THOUGHT i knew what that meant. But, i really didn't figure it out until these past couple of weeks. life really isn't fair. damn.

Have ya'll ever wanted to see someone like really bad, and just can't because they live so far away? well, i hope none of ya'll ever will, because, well... it fucking sucks.

I know it's old news, but yellowcard's ocean avenue cd is incredible. oh yeah, ash, me and zach saw them live if you didn't know. haha...

Dealing with money is a pain in the ass, especially when you... well, when you don't really have any.

I believe that i have the most girl problems out of any guy i know. And that's something that i am really ashamed of. i wish shit would just work out.

Eli Berry is an amazing drummer.

Oh yeah, me gerry and zach found the hot spot for them polo and lacoste junts. hit us up, we'll get you a deal on the low. And don't hate on us just cause we look fresh, we can't help it.

Well, that's whats happening on my side of the street. i know no one really gives a shit, but i just felt like typing it down. so long til next time.....

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
10:56 pm
random thoughts by mark
i hate it when people say that they will call you back, and they dont. gah!

girls are the most confusing, undecisive creatures to ever walk the earth.(no offense)

the last 4 movies i have been to SUCKED. where have all the good ones gone?

i can't wait for summer. school has been such a drag..

im ready for project pat and crunchy blac's cd to come out. ive been waiting for an eternity it seems...

memphis in may should be extra crunk (three6).

getting pizza and watching comedies at zach's house is fun.

ipods are an excellent invention.

its funny, when you get older, you realize who your true friends are.

Current Mood: peaceful
Monday, October 17th, 2005
8:28 pm
big, fat, hairy, slimy........
hey yall. havent posted in awhile... been too busy myspacing.. its quite addicting, i must say.. well, i have a few random thoughts..

dont yall hate it when people get around other people and act totally different, or, how hanging out with different people for a long time will change how someone acts??

Three 6 Mafia is the best. i hate it when ppl make fun of them, or say they are stupid or whatever. i dont give a fuck if its nigger music... its badass...

School blows... 2 freakin c's on my report card. Joan flipped....

gas is becoming cheaper. yesss..

i hate it when guys think they own girls, and if you talk to "their girl" then they flip out... gayass shit.

i missed the OAR concert.. dammit.

holla 3-6 hatas..

Current Mood: okay
Monday, August 8th, 2005
4:16 pm
"Put Yo Hands Up" - Crime Mobb

(Let's gone run it) Dj Montae
what's up what's up niggaz
this Dj Desart South
number 1 mufuckin' Dj Right

still runnin wit that damn oompcamp puttin this thang down
in the mufuckin' streets of the A
but you know what (don't put yo hands up nigga that a get ya ass knock out) I got some new niggas
sum new street niggaz ready to do this thang right we gone gone ahead and load em up one time
checking in crime mob for ya motherfuckin ass
put ya mutherfuckin' hands up nigga

[Killa C]
i suggest that you not come my way if you don't want trouble man the out comes gonna be ugly when these hands meet yo
fuckin face the concept of the matter it's the state that we runnin shit niggas who think opposite get wet up wit no
hesitant fuck bitch and you gone see me act a fool fuck 12 rounds nigga nigga fuck some rules it's time to pay yo fuckin
dues bustin heads is what we do bitch go get yo fucking crew and we will destroy you hoes wit joy cause that is what we do
(what we do)

pop pop pop i'm in drop top i'm on yo block u best be ready you can catch me i won't let you we to deadly for you hoe
check my statess i'm the baddess cock it back and let you have it 14 carrorts that i'm packing when i'm blasting at you
bastards i'm yo master bitch i'm Diamond quit yo whinnin let's be i entertwine wit the finest and i'm buckin wit that
steel don't make me hit i'll come get you if there's issuses i'll come solve em knockin' bitches heads off cuz i'm hard to
fuckin swallow

don't put yo hands up nigga that a get yo asss knock out
don't put yo hands up nigga that a get yo ass knock out (don't make me hit em)
beat a nigga to the flo until he fuckin pass out

[Psyco Black]
nigga stop all that buckin fo u get yo head busted bitch you thank that i'm playin you come outside an i'm bustin fat ass
bullets be rushing an they gone rip u like tissue
stop the runnin i'm gunnin ani't no way they gone miss u M.O.B. dem my niggaz and when we come we come hella deep we
stompin yo ass sleep we stay on the deadly creep in the club we be V.I.P. u tryin to 2 be like me u wanna fuckin swang but
u got check by security

[Lil' Jay]
yeah i'm Lil' Jay an i feel no man from the crime mob that's known to throw hands nigga we can hold the own in our land
shit u can't bear 2 where you can't stand swang wit a pipe bitch nigga this some tight shit put yo hands up this my
playground here u don't stay round nigga we a spray round nigga u'll get stuck u'll get knock down straight 2 tha flo
nigga u'll die u tried to mo filled wit a skill the trill to kill hoes nigga we the clique that's thick and make doe take
yo shit an flip an make mo yeah my street 2 deep an will swang knock down all u hoes that hate me and take them niggas out
the damn game


yeah hey dar nigga u don't wanna get slap you throwin up the wrong set it looka like a axe i oun play nann day so u betta
bag back think twice for you start takin all year gap knockin niggas down till they about more everybody ready nigga don't
jump stupid niggas talk shit but i bet cha they won't do it got a gat up in my trunk i ani't neva scared 2 use it u know a
bitch gone pop so you know i'm gone loose it beat her ass till fuckin pass out a toothless bitch cuz she got stomp out
who's the shit i bet you won't pop now abuse a bitch cuz i oun really give a fuck pricess yeah hoes that's me don't test
me nun cuz i'll make ya ass see that io'm the best but hoe don't hate me

ah fuck that shit i ani't playin no bitch loading choppers when i do an go an toss u in a ditch i been ready fo
this shit never been worried bout no trick givin a dame she on my dick ready 2 do sum gangsta shit don't put yo hands up
shot to chin gone damage ya right to left 2 left 2 right gone stand ya pussy ass up nigga don't make me hit em if i'm in
the club then i'm gone get em get up out my face i don't fuck wit em bitch nigga don't make me hit em watch me get em


Crime Mobb - Got To. HuAH!

Current Mood: tired - first day of school
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
11:00 am
"Jaws Theme Swimming" - Brand New

In a car outside, we stalk the idle kind.
If you're leaving, just let me know.
Tobacco and peppermint, dusting for fingerprints.
A film in her eyes from the glow.

Some rules are made with all intentions to break
And she defends it with a warped rationale.
And I've seen what happens to the wicked and proud
When they decide to try to take on the throne for the crown.

And we learn as we age.
We've learned nothing and my body still aches.
And you take cause they give.
Though I love you and my body it leaks like a sieve.

When it got old outside, smoke beneath the playground lights.
If you're coming home, just let me know.
Sucking on your breath mint, dissected and stuck with pins.
A film in her eyes from the glow.

Concrete and water, she's looking for her daughter
At midnight in torrential downpour.
And everything I said about how messed your head is,
Was cut up and left in bits and pieces on the cutting room floor.


Take the picture from the wall when you think that nothing matters.
Take the picture from the plane and it's a long ways to the floor.
Cut your finger on the edge cause it's sharper than they told you.
Take a leap from out the window cause it's way too far to go through the door.

Good song. Listen to it. All Brand New is swell. Im out. Lata
Monday, August 1st, 2005
5:30 pm
"Do blondes really have more fun? Or they just easier to spot, in the dark."
"If You Ain't From My Hood" - Project Pat
(feat. DJ Paul & Juicy "J")

If you ain't from my hood you can get from round here [X4]

I don't know them niggas [X2]
I don't fuck with them niggas
I don't know them hoes
I don't fuck with them hoes

I know this sucka from the suburbs
Cool with this other motherfucker on the outskirts
Tried to get Project Pat caught up in this shizurb
Since you niggaz hate then your plan didn't wizork
On that ATL tattle tale to my bizurbs
Say you saw me with anotha gal now don't be scared
Man you might as well throw in your towel youse a fake thug
Face to face I shoot you in your mouth
Cuz ain't no love say you from the north memphis ten but I doubt that
Stick ya'lls noze in others folks affairs we ain't bout that
Weak motherfucker wanna stare when you see me
Couldn't wait to snitch punk
Bitch you wanna be me
Gotta pay some dues but my shoes to big for ya
Don't be out here trying to claim my hood I don't know ya
Turn state niggas ask if you was a roller
Police ass nigga watch your mouth I done told ya
Weak ass boy


Still out to get paid down for lucha leray
Fuck all the bullshit and he say she say
Those who oppose me shall get no leway
Lying on real niggas end up in gun play
Punk mutherfucker you gonna hear this and feel me
Smile in my face really wanna kill me
Thats if you had heart to pull the trigga
Catcha murda charge I don't think so my nigga
Weak ass hoes play games like they killas
Always runnin mouth braggin on they niggas
Cyper Gardens did and I did not have no dough
No fresh clothes cuz a playa was real poor
I was locked up 2-0-1 wearing bo bo's
Playin dominos shooting dice big ol afros
Now I'm on the town and I'm layin the smack down
Nigga I ain't you best to check my background


Man I'm tired of playing with cha boyz
Think its time I kill you boyz
Wanna run and grab them toys
Fuckin round with real McCoys
Coward boys that bring the noise
Rollin' round in SUV's, DVD's
Man fuck some 20's I'm lo key
Lookin for y'all cowards cuz y'all talking out the side of your mouth
Knowin that the Triple 6 is one of the hardest rappers out
DJ Paul and Juicy J, best producers in the town
I've been got the crown those that ain't down get run down

Man if one of you bitches wanna step up to the juice
Talking bout that nigga wrong talkin bout what cha gonna do
Man its on if you rappers wanna bring it to the door
To you crosses in my click i'm treat you like a hoe
I'm a tell you like this if you talkin in my face
You gonna start a major war be prepared to hit the floor
Everytime you see me coming you be speakin like we cool
Ain't your motherfucking nigga and ain't no motherfucking fool

Current Mood: relaxed
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
6:55 pm
No testin' me my nigga, have you laying in blood...
I comes from a city where they love to hate, especially on that Triple Six
They see we really got Bentley's and Benz's and they hate the shit
They try to come up over us, the radio even help em' at it
But yall ain't got no flows, so hang it up you silly rabbits
I'ma keep on hurting you boys, by making this motherfuckin' world rock
Side to fuckin' silence bitch for years and man we still ain't stop
Still ridin' clean, makin' cheese and carrying plastic glocks
And please don't try to test us cuz you know we'll let these bitches pop
On you hoes, you haters, you niggaz really like us
Cuz if you thank us, then you wouldn't try to sound so much like us
I'm the K-I-N-G of that M-P-H-M-S (Memphis)
H-C-P, to the E-N-D, others gone be less
Come prepared, man I swear they wanna be down with my team
Don't let the shit talkin' on them CD's fool you
That ain't what they really mean
The truth can hurt so bad so look in they faces when you play us
And watch how they look, and watch they jaw drop to the pavement

Why yall Test My Gangsta
These bitches Test My Gangsta
[Repeat 8x]
Cuz it's on now
Nigga yeah it's on now
[Repeat 4x]

Nigga don't you know that Lord can make your life a living hell
And I mean that literally, the place where demon spirits dwell
Empty all the buck-shot shells, make your fucking body smell
I can fuck you up somewhere, to where you were they cannot tell
Fuck me with me, you fucking with the best
Nigga so all you fucking with the wrong one
I will hit you with the milli-milli gun, got a millimeter gun
Blow out ya lungs
Like them old I-Tal-Ians, Mafia, devil son
When you see me coming, better run for fucking cover bum
(BLITE!) AK, SK, .44, Tre-8
This body kinda heavy, D.O.A., air away
Bitch you better take notes, 'fo you end up cut-throat
And ya on the ground bro', with your fuckin' shirt soaked
Ini-Mini-Miny-Mo, blow a nigga out his clothes
Come out the trench-coat with a Sawed-Off, and lay me down a hoe
So if you think ScareCrow ain't a gangsta come and test the waters
You will be de-slaughtered, the dearly departed


Why you niggaz wanna test my gangsta?
Don't make a nigga run up and shank ya
Or put some cement in yo shit and sank ya
Or make you shoot yourself and then I'm thankin' ya
Throw tile over round your throat and drag ya cuz
Get nothing from me, but gangsta love
No testin' me my nigga, have you laying in blood
Or dig you a grave, cut ya bitch ass up

(Yeah Hoe!) [repeated throw the verse]
You niggaz be trying to test, I ain't no slouch
I squeeze my fuckin' fist, my nig', I break the law
I call out a hit my nig', I make the fall
The handle with the bloody trig', is all they saw
'Fo yo ugly face was down, on the ground
A barrel pointed at your frown, with hollow rounds
I bet ya wanna run and shit, it's too late now
You shouldn't have been runnin' ya lip, to make me clown

Current Mood: "Hustle & Flow": one hour away
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
11:56 pm
"You would rather mess wit a saint, than mess wit me punnnkk!" - crunchy
Sup. This is the CEO of Juicy J and DJ Paul. Hollerin atcha from da OB. I got that new NCAA football 06....... its too crunk, nigga cant even play it sometimes cuz its too buck. Yeah, i got it the first day it came out which was tuesday, then i went over to DJ's house and played it. We were in shock. But, yeah, today i didnt do much, i hung with the hcp, and that lil bitch playa fly (Calvin). I played basketball up at the gym at sbecizzle, i sucked bc i havent played in a awhile, and everyone there showed me up. That slumber party junt at mikes house was some crazy stuff, my nigga scarecrow (Ryan) clogged up that toilet.... haha, man, it was so funny bc mike got mad and kicked me, gerry, nolan, and ryan out of his house, haha. But its cool tho. Lata 36 hatas. Crunchy.

Oh yeah, and yall need to check out that new frayser boy junt. Its bumpity- bumpin.

See I'ma pill popper - so I'ma keep poppin' em
Gimme 20 Xanax and I'ma start droppin' em
They ain't no stoppin' him - when they in my system
Mane I really miss 'em - can you help me get 'em
I heard you have Clidina, on that fucking pill shed
Gimme some fuckn Ec' - gimme some Percocets
I need me some four bar, so I can break down
Cause a nigga like me 'finna take it to funky town

- Crunchy Blac..... Just gettin buck.
Friday, July 8th, 2005
12:43 am
Whaddup Pup
Sup. This is Crunch, just hollerin at all of you hatin ass hoes.... um jk. Well, Nothin really exciting happened today. I woke up at freakin 12:30..... i never sleep that late, and then i went to the park and played tennis with gerry, adam, and that faggit calvin. It was ok, a little hot tho. Tonight i watched Coach Carter with the fam, minus fonzie, its a pretty good movie, i'd say top ten. Gah, i hope rym doesnt get cancelled, i will be so mad if it does. If we dont go, we should all atleast do somethin or go somewhere else. But yeah, ill be disappointed if the rym junt doesnt go down. Well, im out like a chicken-toed hushpuppy. Lata Grenada.

"I'm a crunk this nigga though, treat 'em like a hoe
Ask these lil' bitches what the fuck they hittin' for
Crunchy ain't a hoe, and Crunchy can't go, and
Crunchy ain't a nigga that you wanna fuck with low
If you didn't know, then nigga you can know, then meet me
Down foo in the middle of the floor, I'ma break it down slow
And fill you up with dro, and smoke a little that 'till I
Can't smoke no more"

- Crunchy Blac..... Still Tearin Clubs Up

Current Mood: weird
Monday, July 4th, 2005
12:32 am
For All You Niggas Sayin I Cant Rap... Nigga, I Dont Rap Anyways, Nigga I Rob...
Some Words of Wisdom there from Crunchy Blac. But... Yeah, Most of yall dont care about that stuff so.... yeah. I cant freaking wait till rym, its in a week, and... my girl aly gets back in a couple of days. That'll be cool as well. Man, Im kinda mad bc i have to work on 4th of july.... but, i mean, i guess it wont be that bad, its not like its christmas or anything. I'll get over it. I hung out with some of the hcp tonight, gangsta boo, dj paul, and la chat (for those of yall that dont know who that is, its ashley, zach, and jessie.) Man, they're so much fun, even though we didnt really do anything. Im lucky to have a sister and friends like that. If i was 18 or whatever i dont know if i would hang out with someone that is two years younger than me. It really makes me thankful to have friends that accept me. Even my best friends are a year or two older than me, and love them so much because they could care less that i am younger. but yeah, i guess im gonna go. Goodbye Fellow Mississippians.

Current Mood: thankful
Friday, July 1st, 2005
5:41 pm
Yeah I Rob, Yeah I Steal, Yeah I Put Yo Body In A Field....
Howdy Ho There. I havent updated my livejournal JUNT in awhile, so i decided today was a good day. Nothin has really happened since ive got back from da NC. I've just been haning out with ppl. Probably the only thing that has been occupying me is my herion addiction...... jk. It just hit me today that RYizzle is only 10 days away. Im excited as an arabic teddybear. It should be off the whammy! hah. well, im gonna go. bye

Current Mood: haha.. ?
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
12:29 pm
Cuz a Mississippi girl don't change her ways, just bc everybody knows her name....
Whats goin on. I'm about to shit my pants. I can't wait til I leave to go to North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've got two dayss.... Im so sick of the OB. I'm gettin a little bored. But, Yeah, I haven't really done much lately, besides hang out with folks (gerry, calvin, zach, etc.) Well, I've gotta go mow the yard. Im out. lata. D.C.

"Triple six is the clique, why y'all niggas keep hatin me
Y'all gone make a nigga posse up and come and getcha bitch
Grab that nigga by his throat, if he hollas, let em go
I ain't gon' let that nigga go, I'ma hit it at em wit da

- Yo Boy, Crunchy Blac

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, June 6th, 2005
11:26 pm
Weird Nap
Hey. I am redicuously bored at 11:30 at night, so i decided to update my journal. Well, I just took possibly the weirdest nap ever. I had to wake up early this mornin for that vbs junt, so i was tired. Anyways, for some reason, I took a nap from 6 - 10. (????) Who on God's green earth takes naps at that time? I mean, that is like the peak time of life. That time will either make or break your day, and i slept right through it. I feel like i missed so much. Im kinda mad actually. Oh well, stuff happens.Lata. Crunchy.

" Yeah, I rob, Yeah, I steal, Yeah I put yo body in a field."
- Crunchy Blac Of Three Six Mafia

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
6:16 pm
I left my wallet at gerry's house
Shoot. I left my wallet at gerry's house. I feel so naked without it.... Oh well, I see him almost every day anyways. Gerry and I had a very intriguing night last night. Well, he picked me up from work at about 6 and we took showers (not together), then went to the movies. We saw The Longest Yard. It was incredible, i encourage all of you playa hatas to see it. Then we went back to his house, and around 2 a.m. we were watchin tv, when we heard sirens, then we heard voices. We were scared like a white guy in West Memphis. Finally we had the guts to get up and see who it was, and it was his parents. They were lookin out the window at about 6 police cars that were parked down the street. We had no idea what to do, we just kept on starin. Then ol' Mr. Adair went outside and so did we. After Mr. Adair went inside, me and gerry got as close to the po-po's as we could without them seein us, we tried to listen into their convo, but we couldnt get close enough. So, we went back inside. It was a very interesting night out in Byhalia on Sweetwata Rd. Lata, Yo Boy Crunch is out.

Current Mood: jubilant
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
12:21 pm
Frustrating Summer
Hello fellow Americans. I've had probably the worst summer ever so far. I just found out today that it will cost over $1500 to fix my car, and i will have to get two jobs to pay for it. Im so frustrated, having that wreck will probably ruin over half of my summer. Im trying to relax and have a good summer, but i cant because Im stuck at home without a car and nowhere to go. And If i get two jobs, then I won't have time to hang out with any of my friends. I wish money would grow on trees, having a job is so time-consuming. Well, I hope ya'll like my icon. Im out like a naked man in a catholic school.

Three Six Mafia Til' I Die,

Crunchy Blac

Current Mood: pessimistic
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
10:46 pm
Um hey, i figured this would be a good day to write in my livejournal. Well, all i have to say is..... dammit. I had a bad day, actually a horrible day, i had an Fing wreck, im so frustrated. I ran into this big fat nigerianbiatch. Sry, that was mean and crude, but im just so mad right now i dont care. It was such a hectic wreck, i hope no one has to go through a wreck on goodman road like I(and gerry) have. And the worst part about it is I have to pay for the damage to my car because all we have is liability. Which means I only have insurance on the people I hit. So I'll probably be broke all summer and sitting at home without a car. DAMMIT. GoodBye.

Current Mood: ?
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